The Effects of Kratom Explained

The Effects of Kratom Explained


The Effects are in the Color

The leaves of the kratom tree can produce several different colored veins: Red Vein, White Vein or Green Vein. The effects of kratom depend on which color kratom leaf vein you consume. Each vein color produces different chemical effects based on its alkaloid profile. Most people choose a vein strain that will resolve a particular concern or health diagnosis.

Since kratom is a natural plant and not standardized in a laboratory, plant leaf chemicals will vary within a range due to changes in the plant’s exposure to sunshine, soil, geographical location, precipitation, and harvesting. In addition, kratom affects everyone differently due to their own body chemistry. Additional attention must be given to the form of kratom consumed, quantity, and frequency. Though there are similarities and differences between the three vein colors, how they affect each person will vary.


Kratom Effects by Color

In general, it is normal to expect specific key effects associated with the three kratom vein strains: Red. White, and Green. Additional random effects may be attributed to a person’s individual body chemistry, medication, diet, physical illnesses, tolerance, and perceptions. However, since each strain produces specific but different alkaloids, the following basic effects are predictable and should be the principle guidelines of choice when purchasing kratom:

  • Red Vein Kratom: sedative, heightened relaxation, euphoria, serious de-stressor. Useful as a supplement or replacement for prescribed opiate painkillers. Promotes peace and tranquility.
  • White Vein Kratom: alertness, energizes, motivates, heady euphoria, concentration, stamina, stimulant, and positive mood enhancer. Recommended not to take late in the day unless working the night shift or partying till dawn.
  • Green Vein Kratom: anti-anxiety, de-stresses, relieves pain, stabilizes moods, energy booster, enhances alertness, and increases sociability. Many people use Green Vein as an alternative to Red and White to break tolerance levels. It is also gentler than the strong sedation of Red and the lightening of the White.

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