OPMS Thai 4oz Kratom Powder


OPMS is one of the leading kratom manufacturers in the U.S. Their reputation for quality and performance are consistently high and reliable which explains their earned brand loyalty. OPMS produces a line of products that includes: powder, capsules, tablets, and extracts derived from the standard red, white, and green veins of various Indonesian origins.

OPMS Silver Thai is extremely popular with select kratom enthusiasts in pursuit of a top-tier, enhanced white vein kratom. This Thai strain delivers a smooth, mellow stimulant effect without the jitters.

Silver Thai is commonly used for elevating mood, curbing anxiety, and increasing mental retention for 6-12 hours. Bioavailability increases with an acidic drink such as grapefruit or orange juice.

Whether it becomes your favorite kratom or emergency go-to kratom, it is prudent to always have OPMS Silver Thai in your pantry when you need it.

Although kratom is not considered safe for human consumption and is not approved by the FDA, countless people have used it to treat chronic pain conditions and other maladies for centuries.

DO NOT MIX with alcohol or other substances.


Mitragyna Speciosa