OPMS Indo 240 Kratom Capsules


  • Energizes
  • Enhances Sleep
  • Relieves Pain
  • Decreases Anxiety

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OPMS is one of the leading kratom manufacturers in the U.S. Their reputation for quality and performance are consistently high and reliable which explains their earned brand loyalty. OPMS produces a line that includes powder, capsules, tablets, and extracts derived from the standard red, white, and green veins of various Indonesian origins.

Indo White Vein kratom is derived from the Indonesian Islands in Southeast Asia. Traditionally, it is widely known for its high energy, sense of euphoria, dissociative qualities, and pain relief. In plain English, it boosts work production, focus, and after-hours entertainment. A sense of euphoria with an energy boost. Beyond that, white vein delivers a robust earthy aroma contained within its misty light green powder.

Although kratom is not considered safe for human consumption and is not approved by the FDA, countless generations have used it for chronic pain and other maladies for centuries

DO NOT MIX with alcohol or other substances.


Mitragyna speciosa , Gelatin Capsules

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