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Zion Herbals  Gold Reserve Extract 2 Caps Blister Packs are made using our 45% Mitragynine Extract powder.

Good quality leaf powder contains approximately 1.25% Mitragynine. Our 45% Mitragynine is 36 times more potent than leaf powder. Being a “Full Spectrum extract” means that it also still contains all of the other alkaloids and lipids that are found in the Kratom leaf. An enriched extract, the 45% gets to a point where we will start to lose some of the other alkaloids as the percentage of Mitragynine goes up beyond 45%. This is our benchmark extract. It is the complete full spectrum alkaloid fraction of the plant with all of the other major alkaloids occurring in similar levels and proportions as they are found in the plant. With further enrichment of Mitragynine a loss of the other alkaloids starts to happen. This is an extremely well balanced and potent kratom extract with an increasingly easier taste. For a typical dose of 2 teaspoons or 4.5gm of leaf powder you would only need 110mg of this extract to achieve exactly the same effects.

This is a 45% Mitragynine extract and not a 45X Extract. We do not recommend using that terminology as the strength of an extract should be measured by the % amount of Mitragynine present in the product, which in this case is 45%. Good quality plain leaf powder contains about 1.25% Mitragynine.



Mitragyna Speciosa Extract – 45% Mitragynine

1.5% 7-Hydroxymitragynine by volume

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